Organisational Consulting

Our approach to organisational consulting is evidence-based and systemic. We don’t believe that one size fits all, so all our solutions are bespoke to your business. That means we work with you and your people to develop the best possible solutions from the inside out. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • People dynamics and organisational behaviour
  • Leadership development and executive coaching
  • Organisational dynamics, culture, climate and psychological safety
  • Sustainable individual and team performance
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing, resilience and agility
  • Selection and assessment, psychological profiling for individuals, leadership and teams

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Mental and emotional Wellbeing

Individual resilience and emotional agility are not just a nice to have, they are essential for organisational resilience. In times of change and growth, mental and emotional wellbeing can be under great pressure. Not only has this consequences for individuals, but it also affects performance. The impact varies from person to person. How resilient are you and your team? How well is leadership equipped to support team members? Where are the overload bottlenecks that could lead to burnout? What about work-life balance? We can help you and your team to adapt to change in better ways with a tailored solution.

Team and Individual Performance

As an innovative company, development is at the heart of what you do. That means the right people in the right place. However, the majority of your people potential could still be dormant. When you are actively seeking to unleash the potential of individuals in their current or next role, we can help with talent development. It may also be that you are reacting to issues in performance, productivity or behaviour. Perhaps a team is struggling with working together effectively. We invite you to talk with us about solutions. We can also help with selection and assessment. 

Leadership Development

Leadership is complex. On the one hand, being a leader can be an incredibly challenging and lonely journey, on the other hand, leadership always happens in a social context. Coaching can give you that much needed space to reflect, talk things through and gain different perspectives. As your company develops, your leadership capability needs to develop. In the current climate of constant uncertainty and change, developing your capacity as a leader from the inside out is essential to be able to respond to complex situations in a courageously compassionate way. We can help with leadership profiling, 360 and leadership coaching for individuals and leadership teams.

Culture and Climate

Company culture sets the tone for how things are done within the company. It includes your mission, vision and values. Climate is how people experience working for and in the company. Sometimes, that is very different from the culture. Yet, it influences your people’s capacity to be creative and innovative, engagement and commitment, productivity, morale and wellbeing. It also influences your company’s ability to attract and retain talent. Whether we look at leadership, teams and their performance or emotional and mental wellbeing solutions, to get the culture climate and people dynamics right, sets the tone for organisational dynamics.

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